AndyW LTD Review – Self-Review by AndyW

While Forex has been the hottest field in the last 10 years, it is not an easy thing to do, especially in the long run. Trading success is based on 3 conditions every trader must have to succeed.

  • Knowledge – Technical analysis & understanding news and how they affect the currencies.
  • Plan – Trading strategy, risk management and goals.
  • The right personality – Patience and self-control.

Having those 3 conditions does not mean you will win every single trade – however, you will be profitable in the long run.

Maintaining those conditions will most likely show positive results. But we must remember that sometimes the Forex market has different behaviors, and tools that work most of the time, sometimes may not. Continuing with the exact same successful method must show overall positive results, because eventually the market gets back to its original movements.

AndyW Forex Signals Review

Been There – Done That

Me as a trader of more than 13 years, and a Forex signals provider, I have seen it all.

Members that are coming to me on good times get excited and stay to enjoy my service. Members that are coming on a difficult time get upset and claim the service is not good enough. But members that are with me for the past 5 years or more always say the same thing: “Andy is the best”.

I don’t claim to be the best Forex signals provider, but I know I provide the best service possible, and that my overall long term results are outstanding in the Forex field.

I invite you to try me, even for just 1 month – You should at least get an idea of how I work. You have full money back guarantee if I am not profitable over that first month, so nothing for you to lose, you can only benefit.

You will get my trades through the unique AndyW Forex signals app available on Android and iOS. You will also be added to our premium Forex Telegram channel. I post a daily review which includes closed and open trades, analysis, and market review. Also what’s hot in the market for the specific day so we are not surprised by news.

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About the Author

AndyW Forex Trader

AndyW is the founder of AndyW LTD Forex Signals and an enthusiastic supporter of 50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy.